Tuesday, April 26, 2011


This app was originally reviewed on www.SpeechGadget.com.

App Name/Publisher:
Look2Learn by MDR.

Look2Learn is a basic dynamic display AAC app that targets requesting, using “I want + Noun” sentence structure.

Therapy Use:
• Assessment of ability to use a basic dynamic display AAC device.
• Practice isolated finger pointing.
• Choice making.
• Requesting.
• N+V+O sentence structures.
• Categorization.
• Identification of common nouns and emotions.
• Imitation of carrier phrase “I want”
• Imitation of 3 word phrases.

App Benefits/Likes:
Look2Learn is relatively inexpensive for an AAC app. It includes 80 pre-loaded color photographs in 6 categories. The user has the option to upload additional photographs and to hide photos. Users can select from 3 photos sizes. There are multiple voice output options.

The user is limited to 3 word phrases. The “Select an Image” button is located at the bottom of the screen. If the user tends to rake across the screen, does not have a strong isolated finger point, or tends to bend their wrist when pointing, they will most likely accidently activate the “Image button.” A simple solution would be to place the button at the top of the page, however, that is not currently a customization option.

App Summary

Skill(s) Targeted
Articulation & Phonology
Expressive & Receptive Language
Social Skills/Pragmatics

Age/Grade Levels Targeted
Early Elementary (Grades 1 – 3)
Upper Elementary (Grades 3- 6)

How to Activate
Isolated finger point
Touch and release

Type of Device
iOS Device
iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad
iOS 3.0 or later


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Reviewed by
Deb Taylor Tomarakos

Review Date


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