Monday, April 18, 2011

A Present for Milo

App Name/Publisher:
A Present for Milo by Ruckus Media Group

A Present for Milo is a storybook app for iOS devices (ipod, ipad, etc..). It's a story about a cat named Milo who goes on a birthday mouse chase throughout the house.

Speech-Language Therapy Use:
This app has been a hit in therapy! Especially for my clients with Autism. It draws them in and creates a number of opportunities for both receptive and expressive language. Activities can ranging from labeling, requesting, following directions, and reading. I use this app mainly for the nice illustrations of prepositions. The prepositions used are: Under, Across, Up, Down, Through, and Around. I also make an obstacle course in my therapy room that follows the course of the story and have my clients act out each scene.

App Benefits/Likes:
This app has more than 80 tap-interactive objects that initiate more than 125 animations just right for active young fingers and minds.

Child could potentially have too much control of app. The child may not want to wait for instructions and interact with the page as they please.

App Summary

Skill(s) Targeted
Expressive & Receptive Language
Age/Grade Levels Targeted
Early Elementary (Grades 1 – 3)
How to Activate
Isolated finger point
Type of Device
iOS Device
Would you recommend this app?
Reviewed by
Jeremy Legaspi
Review Date
April 9, 2011


  1. This looks cute. Can't wait to check it out. :)

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