Thursday, April 21, 2011


This app was originally reviewed on SpeechTechie in "Portable PD, Part Two"

App Name/Publisher: Reeder/Silvio Rizzi

Description: Are you just getting into blogs such as ours here at TherapyApp411?  You don't need to be tied to your computer in order to read blogs. It's a really good idea to use Google Reader, an "aggregator" that allows you to read all your blogs in one place- you don't have to remember to navigate to them all and will only see the ones who have new posts. My favorite way to view Reader is actually at, but if I am on the train or reclining somewhere, I do like Reeder for both iPhone and iPad.  Reeder lets you review everything that has been posted recently in a particular blog and syncs the items you read back to Google Reader, so that when you return to the web interface you will know what you looked at!  Additionally, you can star items that you know you want to bookmark or think about in more depth later. Reeder sets you back a few bucks ($2.99/$4.99 for iPhone and iPad, respectively, and it's worth getting both if you have both) but is definitely a good item to have on your iDevice. Consider adding The SLP Blogs Bundle to your Google Reader account so that Reeder will give you access to a whole bunch of great SLP bloggers.

I love the way Reeder's interface lets you tap, scroll, and pull to move to the next post

Therapy Use: Reeder gives you easy access to many blogs that will give you ideas about your therapy and practice. Additionally, Reeder can give students access to "readable" distraction-free text if you add news sources and other blogs of use to students to teach research skills, current events, or any type of speech practice at the lengthy discourse level.

App Benefits/Likes: Clean, easy to use interface, good syncing with your Reader account.

Cautions: Perhaps a little pricey, different versions need to be purchased depending on device.

App Summary

Skill(s) Targeted
S-LP Tools/Organization

Age/Grade Levels Targeted
Middle School/Junior High (Grades 7-9)
High School (Grades 10 – 12)

How to Activate
Touch and release
Hold and drag

Type of Device
iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad (different versions

$2.99 iPhone/iPod $4.99 iPad

Would you recommend this app?


Reviewed by
Sean Sweeney

Review Date
April 19, 2011


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