Friday, May 13, 2011


App Name/Publisher: Popplet/Notion

Description: Popplet is officially a "Productivity" app that can be used for mind-mapping and collaboration.  Applications and websites of this type (and Popplet has an online version, see review today at SpeechTechie) have much to offer SLPs, because they can be used to create interactive graphic organizers.  Popplet in particular has a clean, cool, simple-to-use interface in this regard.  Popplets created with the iPad app can be exported to email or jpeg format, or, if created while logged in to a Popplet account, synced to the web for continued work there.  The advantages of this could include students collaborating on the same graphic organizer.

Therapy Use: Popplet could be used to create graphic organizers, provide visuals for a classroom-based or other topic, and organize material according to text structures (list, sequence, compare-contrast, cause-effect), all research-based practices.  Popplet would also be a good venue to practice sentence combining and complex sentence creation with connecting of individual Popples.  Articulation or Fluency targets could be reviewed in a Popplet.

Here's a Popplet I made with a client who was studying weather in his classroom

App Benefits/Likes: Clean, simple interface, appropriate cost, ease of including images, exportable formats, potential for collaboration between students.

Cautions: Online free account limits you to 5 Popplets (though full iPad version allows unlimited amount).

App Summary

Skill(s) Targeted
Articulation & Phonology
Expressive & Receptive Language
Social Skills/Pragmatics
S-LP Tools/Organization

Age/Grade Levels Targeted
Upper Elementary (Grades 3- 6)
Middle School/Junior High (Grades 7-9)
High School (Grades 10 – 12)

How to Activate
Touch and release
Hold and drag

Type of Device
iPad only

$4.99 for full version with unlimited use (I incorrectly said $8 in video, it has come down in price since I bought it), Free for Lite version (limited to one Popplet)

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Reviewed by
Sean J. Sweeney, CCC-SLP

Review Date
May 6, 2011

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