Thursday, July 21, 2011

Organizing My Apps

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I have hundreds of apps for my iPod and iPad. I have so many uploaded on my iPad that during therapy sessions, I found I was wasting time scrolling through pages of apps. I also found that some of my clients thought it was visually stimulating to quickly scroll through the pages of apps. Talk about a session quickly spiraling down the wrong path.

I knew that the best solution to my disorganized iPad was to take some time to organize my apps into folders, however, I never seemed to have the time. Given the slower pace of summer (and given the fact that I currently no longer have a house to clean), I decided to take some time to organize my apps. I was surprised to find that my organization task took much less time than I anticipated. I also found that the most difficult part of my task was deciding how to group the apps. I began my organizing by dragging and dropping the apps on top of each other right on the iPad. The iPad did the work of creating the folders and even naming the folders. I then took some time to rename the folders. I am sure that over time I will move apps around, create new folders and maybe even rename some folders. For the moment, however, I am pleased with the way the apps are organized. Now that I have everything in nice, neat folders, I figured I would spend a few post sharing my folders and apps.
If you would like some more information on how to organize your apps into folders, here is an article that Sean Sweeney shared with me from

Before I share my organization system and my apps, I must insert a little disclaimer. Owning an app, does not equate recommending an app. There have definitely been times when I purchased an app, only to use it and decide I didn't like it. I also own apps that my children have downlaoded and I have never used, particularly apps that are in my games folders. That said, I view this list as nothing more than a simple list of apps that are on my iPad. It is not necessarily a list of apps I use, or apps I think others should use in therapy. Over time, I hope to be able to review many of these apps and post those reviews here on the site.

App List by Folder

Entertainment Folder
Game Center
Google Books

Dragon Dictation

Reference Folder
Google Earth


So that is my beginning list of apps. Over the next few weeks, I will continue to post more about my folders and apps.  If you have an awesome way of organzing your apps for therapy, or for personal use, we would love to hear from you.


  1. I have my iPhone organized with the first few pages for my personal stuff divided into them. The next pages are my therapy apps. They are divided by page into say:
    - Lingraphica apps(whole subfolder)
    - Spelling apps (whole folder)
    - Auditory comprehension apps (whole folder)
    - Verbal Expression apps (whole folder)
    - Memory Practice Apps
    - Compensatory strategy apps

    This helps me quickly get to the page I need and then find the apps I need quickly.

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