Tuesday, October 11, 2011

My Playhome

App Name/Publisher: My Playhome by Shimon Young

Description: An adorable virtual playhome with characters (mommy, daddy, brother, sister, baby) and 4 rooms of a house (family room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom) which allow you to “play.” You can choose which character(s) to use and move them between rooms.

Therapy Use: There are endless possibilities when it comes to therapy uses for this app. To name a few...

Receptive Language: Following directions- (e.g. Have mommy eat a popsicle, then pour a bowl of cereal), Processing semantic-syntactic relationships- (e.g. Mommy eat apple, Daddy pick up baby, etc.), Spatial terms- (on, in, under, etc.)

Expressive Language: Have children give you “directions” to increase utterance length (e.g. baby eat popsicle), use grammatical forms such as auxilary verbs (e.g. brother IS jumping on bed, mommy and daddy ARE brushing teeth, etc.), -present progressive, etc.

Pretend Play: Have children practice play schemes, and generalize to “real” toys (play house)

Articulation: Lots of opportunity depending on your target.

Social Pragmatics: Sharing space, Turn taking, Negotiation.  

App Benefits/Likes: All kids (regardless of age) seem to love this app. You can get lots of repetition and practice on any goal area.

Cautions: You do need somewhat refined fine motor skills to “do” some of the actions in each room. Family of characters in the app are "traditional" and caucasian, with no way to customize this currently.

Skill(s) Targeted:
Articulation & Phonology
Expressive & Receptive Language
Social Skills/Pragmatics

Age/Grade Levels Targeted 
Early Elementary (Grades 1 – 3)

How to Activate 
Isolated finger point
Touch and release
Hold and drag

Type of Device: iPad, different (and free LITE) version available for iPhone, iPod Touch

Cost: $2.99 

Would you recommend this app? Yes
Reviewed by Meghan G. Graham M.S CCC-SLP
Review Date: 10/8/11


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