Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Spice up those boring worksheets with your iPad!!

Originally appeared on The Speech Guy

If you are like me I am sure you have several workbooks with lots and lots of worksheets that you used to copy and have since replaced but not totally with some type of iPad app. Here are examples of some work sheets that I like to use. One is for language and the other is for artic/phonology. Since starting to use the iPad kids have preferred for the most part to want to play with the apps and have at times refused to color these 'boring' worksheets. Even when cool glitter and paint were being used!

Don't get me wrong I use the iPad in about 60% of my sessions so I still use traditional paper and pen, play, board game type activities but what to do with those darn worksheets just hanging out on your shelf? Can we somehow combine the two mediums? Of course! I came across this app called Glow Coloring the other day. Its a free ad supported app with a simple interface. Glow Coloring is the first doodle app that allows you to scan in images that you can color in or trace. You can adjust brush pattern, brush size, and color. Glow Coloring's scanning technology is built upon the same technology found in JotNot Scanner (a leading document scanning application for the iPhone) so scanned images turn out great every time which in effect allows you to combine those 'boring' worksheets with an iPad app to create lots of coloring and therapeutic fun!! Check out the fun we had creating these pages!


  1. I have that app. Going to have a look at the scanning function. I know it is hard to go back to worksheets. Nice to have them to send home to keep parents informed. Thanks for the info.

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