Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Essential Skill for SLPs: Saving Images from the Web on iPad (UPDATE)

This post also appears on SpeechTechie.

I have previously emphasized here that being able to save images from the web is an incredibly useful skill.  Besides providing visual cues for our students, images serve as material to make all kinds of great projects using various webtools and apps.  It used to be that this looked a certain way on iPad, but then Google has been changing a lot of their apps' "look and feel," including installing a sort of "cover flow" interface with Google Images.  So it came to pass that I was recently in front of a whole crowd of people demonstrating how to save an image on iPad, and it all of a sudden didn't work at all like I thought it would! This is more than OK. It is great to model technology (and other) failures in front of other people (thanks Meg Wilson for that way of thinking).  It puts them at ease, lets them laugh at you a bit, and shows that tech problems can usually be solved with some deep breathing, tinkering, or a quick search.

[EDIT] In a way, this is a double-failure, because I thought the process of saving images worked in a whole new way post-"Cover Flow," but in reality it's pretty much the same and I just wasn't tapping-and-holding correctly, in front of an audience OR when I was writing this post.  I guess I am less a fan of double-failures, it seems a little too much, no?  I apologize to anyone who saw an earlier version of this post, was confused by my error, and wasted time as a result! Here are the steps- btw I made these in a jiffy using the great iPad app Skitch from Evernote.  I'll have to write about that later!

Note that this is the way to save images in Safari. I heard from reader Jeanne T, an AT Consultant and SLP, and also the very helpful reader who pointed out my earlier error, that this process does not work when using the Google Search app, and I just confirmed that. So when you need images, use Safari.  Thanks Jeanne!!

On this screen you can also sweep right or left to move to other images, as in "Cover Flow"


  1. Sean,

    This is another one of those hidden treasures that are so helpful to know about. I didn't discover this until about four months ago. Thanks for sharing so that others can take advantage of this feature.

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