Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Make Dice

This post originally appeared on Jenna Rayburn's

I downloaded a new app perfect for speech therapy this week. It's called Make Dice.

It's a cheap app that you can use with all your groups! It was 99 cents when I purchased this app and I've already used it enough to make it worth it!

The app does just what it sounds like. Let's you write on the sides of a die and then just press a button or shake the ipad to roll them. You can make dice for anything! A few ways I've already used it:

Prepositions - the kids rolled the dice and then moved in the room to make their body act out their preposition and say a sentence to explain  (I am below the table.)

Synonyms/Antonyms: I wrote words and they had to say the syn/ant of the word they rolled.

Vocabulary: I added curriculum vocab and the kids defined it and used it in sentences.

Irregular Plurals: I added the singular and they name the irregular plural.

Articulation: This a no brainer! Add words and go!

Student names: I added the names of my kids in their groups! They like seeing their name on the dice!

For my artic carryover group I made this die. It has things like make up a story, make up a tongue twister, rap, sing, etc. They need to make something up or retell a familiar story that has their target sound. Once they get laughing and thinking about making up a little rap - they stop paying attention to their sounds. It makes for great practice.

Overall it's a neat little app that I've been using to get my kids warmed up and in the swing of things at the beginning of therapy, when I have 5 minutes left over in a session, or when I need a second to write data or a note to a parent. Hope you can use it too!

Jenna Rayburn


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