Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Super Duper Data Tracker App

App Name/Publisher:  Super Duper Data Tracker

Design:  This app was designed to allow SLP's to track data on their mobile device, including iPod, iPad, iPhone.  There is also an Android version.

Pros of the App:
The Data Tracker App includes many useful features including the following:

  • multiple goals for each student
  • varied response types (tally, correct/incorrect, approximated, cued)
  • undo the last recorded response
  • store data for an unlimited sessions
  • add students to multiple groups
  • temporarily add students to a group to make up missed sessions
  • write notes for each student in a session
  • email results
  • graph results for each goal.

  • Entering student information was easy. I entered students for one of my groups as I did not want to enter my entire caseload until I was sure I would be using the app. I was pleased with the ability to enter multiple goals per student and the variety of response types. When using the app, I found that I was able to easily switch between students and to accurately keep data. I love that the app calculates percentages for the students and that you can email a graph of the data.

    App Cons:
    It is time consuming to enter all student data and objectives. No pre-set lists of goals or objectives are included, therefore you must type every objective for every student. My current caseload is 64 students and each student has at least 3 language objectives for the year. If I enter all of my students, I would have to enter at least 192 objectives. If I had a large number of students working on articulation, the number of objectives to add would be enormous in order to collect data by phoneme and word position. Some of this time consuming work would be eliminated if the developers included a data base of pre-set objectives that could be dropped into each student's file.

    There is no easy way to input data that you have collected using other apps. Often times I use apps within therapy that collect data for me. In order to get that data into the Data Tracker App, I have to go back at the end of my sessions and input the data. Again, I found this to be time consuming.

    Another con for me is that I use iPad apps with my students during sessions, and therefore, I can't use it to collect data with the Data Tracker App. I considered collecting data on my iPod, however, the screen size proved to be problematic for me.

    One final con is that I did not find an easy way to walk around a classroom collecting data on my iPad while also team teaching. I find it easier to carry a clip board with me. I found my iPad to be heavier and also distracting to my students who can't seem to stop themselves from asking to use the iPad whenever they see me carrying it around the room.


    Would you recommend this app:
    Considering I am not currently using this app, I would have to say that I do not recommend it to others at this time.

    Super Duper Data Tracker

    Reviewed by: Deb Tomarakos, MA CCC/SLP.
    This review originally appeared on Speech Gadget.


    1. I agree. It has potential, but the time upfront to put in all of my student's goals detered me. Nice review.

    2. I am a physical therapist, so this app isn't perfect by any means for me. However, I will say I have not found any other apps that track data with enough flexibility to make it work for a PT, instead of just for SLP or teachers. I know that an app for PT's might be a dream, for now, but I like this app. For now. Just for anyone's reference - inputting is time consuming, however it is possible to copy and paste the objectives straight from another program that has your IEP outcomes in it (i.e. internet). This reduces the input time somewhat.

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