Saturday, March 3, 2012


App Name/Publisher: Songify by the Gregory brothers of Khush Inc.

Description: Perfect for iPhone, iTouch, iPad or Android this FREE and easy to use app allows you to turn speech into song. Simply “tap to record” and voila, Songify turns your speech into awesome musical vocals set to upbeat tracks.  Totally cool, right!? Don't like the default track that comes with the app? No problem! The app boasts a variety of tracks you can mix and re-mix your new song for $1 per track.  You can even save your recording and email it as an mp4 file to Facebook, Twitter or Gmail. 

Applications for Music Therapy: Although I have used this app with clients to focus on breath support, articulation and discussing social concepts, Songify can also address expressive language, following directions, and creativity. Just the other day I had one client talk about what he had for breakfast and another talk about her feelings for a close friend.  What a great expressive tool!
Applications Outside of Music Therapy: Great for addressing speech and language goals and an excellent motivational tool for addressing behavioral goals like following directions and impulse control.
Songify is loads of fun for addressing all kinds of therapeutic goals, but really, it is a fun app for everyone in the family.  Download this FREE app for your kids and students today!
Reviewed by: Bonnie Hayhurst, MT-BC
Music Therapist and owner of


  1. Thank you for bringing this to my awareness. We have been having such fun with this free app. My students use it to summarize what they learned. It gets them dancing and drumming. Personally, I use it as a "to do" list. It makes getting my work done more joyful!

  2. This app is my stress-reliever. I usually create funny statements into "music" and it always amuses me. My counselor once advised me the "music therapy," so I downloaded this app. -Alice

  3. True, the Music Therapy is effective. Before I graduated Psychology, we've discussed a lot about this, and its effectiveness. Until now, I would suggest this therapy to anyone who's going through a hard time. I also have this app, too!

    - Stefanie Hasse