TherapyApp411 is a collaborative app review and news blog designed to reflect individual clinicians' experience with mobile apps in therapy. Reviews posted here are not intended as a blanket endorsement of a particular app or any other form of technology.

This blog is not designed to replace skilled evaluation and interventions by a speech-language pathologist (SLP), classroom teacher, specialist or other therapist.

Readers should use their professional judgment in assessing whether recommendations here would apply to your individual students or clients and assess progress as appropriate.

We are all firm supporters of evidence-based and research-based practices.  We acknowledge that apps are an emerging technology, and that individual apps are unlikely to have been subjected to studies.  Particularly with apps that can be used for language therapies, we encourage clinicians to consider apps as a context  around which evidence-based practices can be woven based on their clinical judgment (for example, in pre- and post- activities that utilize a context similar to the app), in the same way that books, games, and toys have traditionally been used as therapeutic contexts.