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April 9, 2011

Dear Colleague!

Thank you for deciding to review an app for posting on!

We welcome reviews from SLPs, OTs, PTs or therapists from other disciplines! To maintain the authenticity and unbiased nature of the site, reviews may be submitted by individuals as long as they are not the author or involved in the development or sale of the app.  The link below connects you to the template for the review. Please check the Reviewed Apps page to see what apps have already been reviewed.  It is also a good idea to email or tweet us (@speechtechie, @azspeechguy, @SpeechGadgetDeb, @SLPrj) with name of the app in advance of writing your review. We value your time but are unlikely to be posting duplicate reviews.

Feel free to use your own creative style within the parameters of the template.  The App Summary is intended to provide a quick outline of each reviewed app.  Suggested responses for each of the sections (e.g., Skill(s) Targeted, Age/Grade Level Targeted) have been listed.  Please delete those descriptors that do not apply to the app that you are reviewing.

When you complete your app review, please send it to  We look forward to receiving and posting it! Editors

To Access the Template, Click Here!
Note: This is a view-only Google Docs template.  You can either download the template (File>Download as) or make a copy you can edit in your own Google Docs account. You can share it with us at (you may want to wait until your review is complete to share it or we'll see your whole writing process)!

Confused?  Here's a little video for you!